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The Joint Master's Programme in Health Informatics

The Joint Master's Programme in Health Informatics is aimed at students who are interested in information technology and want to apply this to the medicine or health care fields.

You will learn methods to make health care safer, more efficient and of higher quality through computer based information and knowledge management.

This programme is given as a joint programme between Karolinska Institutet (Heath Informatics Centre) and Stockholm University which means that some courses are held at Karolinska Institutet and some at Stockholm University.Since the programme has been created for students with medical or technical backgrounds you will not only take courses to complement your skills (students with technical backgrounds take courses in basic medical sciences, health care organisation and management, while students with medical backgrounds learn basic computer and systems sciences) but you will also learn a lot from each other. More about the programme syllabus.

NOTE to all Swedish students: the application deadline is in January each year!

Alumni & Friends

Perhaps it's a little too soon to talk about it, but once you have finished your studies Alumni and Friends is a great way to keep in touch with your former classmates.

Educational Administrator

Join the Health Informatics master programme at KI

Informal insights from students: Why joining the Health Informatics master programme at Karolinska Institutet is a good idea and how to approach these studies to get the best outcome.