Division of Clinical Microbiology

At the department of Clinical Microbiology, disease processes in cells and tissues caused by microbes infecting humans are studied.

The research is translational with focus on problems identified in clinical care and on the development of improved diagnostics and therapeutic approaches. The research spans from molecular virology, virus-cell interactions and the understanding of individual viral genes and proteins, to the effects these have on the infected patient. Within bacteriology, the effects of antibiotics on the gut microbiota are studied as well as the interaction between bacteria and protozoes. Medical and dental students are educated in basal and clinical microbiology. In addition, courses in general and molecular microbiology are given for students in biomedical laboratory science, nursing, and dental hygienists as well as in molecular cell biology.

Research groups

Anna Karlsson Research group

Annika Karlsson Research group

Ali Mirazimi Research group

Anders Sönnerborg Research group

Research group - Christian Giske

Research group Bergman/Agerberth - The AMP-group

The Virus and Hepatitis Research Group

Research group - Ujjwal Neogi

Division head

Christian G. Giske

Professor/senior physician
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Division coordinator

Marita Wallenberg Lundgren

Division coordinator
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

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