Technical support and service

Technical support and service supports all animal facilities that belong to Comparative Medicine with technical service and maintenance. The unit is also responsible for animal transportation between the facilities and for the washing services.

The unit interacts with facility managers and management teams. Operations are funded in part through billing of services and by fixed fees for the use of equipment.

The sub-unit is responsible for the operation and maintenance on technical service for all animal facilities.

Cage cleaning and logistics

The unit is responsible for cleaning cages, racks and other equipment pieces related to the holding of animals. The unit ensures transport of cages and related equipment as needed between facilities and cleaning installations (KM-B, KM-A, KM-W and KM-F).

We also plans and performs animal transportations.

Transport of animals

Please consult your designated facility veterinarian when you have questions regarding the regulatory framework that controls the transport of animals.

You can get help transporting animals on campus Solna through the Logistic unit at Comparative Medicine. They also help with transports between KI and a few neighboring facilities.


Technical support and service