Comparative Medicine Biomedicum (KM-B)

Comparative Medicine Biomedicum is Comparative Medicine’s largest facility and dedicated to research on small rodents.

KM-B, Biomedicum.

About the facility

  • KM-B opened in 2018 and has seven wings and six special units.
  • The facility is directly through indoor walk-ways connected to both Biomedicum and KM-A. 
  • KM-B has D-and E-barrier and an Aqua-unit. In total, KM-B holds more than 100 laboratories and 27 000 MCE slots (mouse cage equivalents).
  • On the top floor there is a suite of climate units (+4, +18-24, +30C) with complementary lab space, a BSL-2 unit, and units for DNA transfer with replication-defective viruses and transplantation of human biomaterials to animals.

For your work in the facility

If you have a KI ID, log in at KM facilities to find hands-on resources and forms for your research.

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