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Import Portal is a quarantine core-facility at Comparative Medicine (KM) at Karolinska Institutet.

Generally, laboratory animals imported to animal facilities have to go through quarantine first due to unsure or unsatisfactory health status. Animals could have uncertain health status due to conditions at the sender animal facility (e.g. the health report is unsure or not satisfactory to the receiving animal facility), or the conditions during the transport of the animals cannot guarantee that the animals are free from exposure to pathogens (e.g. transport in airplanes).

At Import Portal animals are housed in the IsoCage-system under strict conditions until the health test results come back satisfactory to the receiving animal facility. If the health report is not satisfying, a new approach is decided by the responsible facility veterinarian.

Animal models with uncertain health status undergoing re-derivation (pathogen elimination through embryo transfer) and cryopreservation at Karolinska Center for Transgene Technologies are also housed in the Import Portal

The routines for how to proceed when you want to import laboratory animals to the animal facilities at Comparative Medicine are presented below.

When importing animals to other animal facilities at Karolinska Institutet, please, contact the receiving facility for further information.

Importing animals via Import Portal

Import Portal is a part of the core facility management system iLab at KI.

Performing experiments at Portalen

Import Portal is a quarantine core facility and is not constructed to be an experimental unit. Nor do we allow breeding unless very special reasons validate an exception e.g. decreased fertility at an early age. Such decision is taken from case to case and if you need to perform experiments or breeding at Import Portal during the quarantine, please, contact us for further discussions. A written enquiry and approved ethics permit (where KM-W is included) are required.

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