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Import portal - Portalen

The Import Portal (Portalen) is the animal quarantine core facility at Karolinska Institutet Mouse Models.

Generally, experimental animals imported to animal facilities first has to go through quarantine due to unsure or unsatisfactory health status. Animals could have uncertain health status due to conditions at the sender location (e.g. the health report is unsure or not satisfactory to the receiving animal facility), or the conditions during the transport of the animals cannot guarantee that the animals are free from exposure of infections (e.g. transport in airplanes).

At Portalen animals are housed in an isocage-system under strict conditions until the test result comes back satisfactory to the receiving animal facility. If the health report is not satisfying, a new approach is decided by the responsible designated superintendent at the animal facility.

The animal facilities at the departments at KI may have different routines for how to proceed when you want to import experimental animals to Karolinska Institutet. Always contact your animal facility first for advice.

Submit an enquiry online

Clients from Karolinska Institutet currently have the possibility to submit enquiries online for use of our services. More information is available once you have logged in. Log on using your KI ID.

Import portal - online enquiry form

Importing animals via Portalen

First, contact the designated superintendent at the animal facility where the animals are to be housed after quarantine. The designated superintendent will decide if the animals:

  • can go directly to the animal facility.
  • are to be quarantined at Portalen. If so, you will need veterinary advice on quarantine time etc. Please contact the designated veterinarian assigned to your animal facility.
  • have to be cleaned through embryo-transfer.

Performing experiments at Portalen

Portalen is a quarantine core facility and is not constructed to be an experimental unit. Nor do we allow breeding unless very special reasons can be presented prior to import (valid reasons might for example be decreased fertility at an early age). If you need to perform experiments or breeding at Portalen while the animals are quarantined this could be decided from case to case. An approved animal ethical permit is required.


The Import Portal is part of KIMM - Karolinska Institutet Mouse Models and managed by Comparative Medicine.

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