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Gain access authorization to animal facilities

Before you may gain authorized access to an animal facility and conduct research with animal experimentation, your competence in laboratory animal science must first be assessed.

How can I gain access to an animal facility at KI?

Please complete and submit the Individual Access Authorization form so that the Approved Supervisor of your animal facility ('ansvarig föreståndare') may grant you access to the requested facility.

Please observe that the same form also needs to be completed with information and documentation that certifies your competence in Laboratory Animal Science.

What should I do after having completed the form?

Please hand the completed Individual Access Authorization form to Approved Supervisor/Animal facility management at your animal facility. It will be decided whether you may get access to the animal facility or if you need to make a complement.

Note! The form must always be complemented with documentation on your education in laboratory animal science (LAS), which is processed as described below. For access requirements related to your LAS competence, please contact

What if I need evaluation of my competence in Laboratory Animal Science?

Scan and attach relevant documentation on your education in Laboratory Animal Science to the LAS Education & Training unit at Comparative Medicine.


It takes about seven working days for a reply on your application for an evaluation of your competence.

What should I do if I do not have any competence in Laboratory Animal Science?

You will need to complete both the theoretical and the practical parts of the course Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers before access can be granted.