Comparative Medicine's Annex (KM-A)

KM-A is an animal facility enabling care and use of mice and rats.

The facility is based on a barrier concept, Barrier C.

The facility

The building KM-A

The animal operations are conducted on two floors and includes in total 14 animal rooms and 15 laboratories. All animals are housed in individually ventilated cages and the facility have the capacity to house up to 5 000 MCE (mouse cage equivalents).

KM-A have an indoor connection to the animal facility KM-B as well as to Biomedicum and Bioclinicum.

The facility was opened in October 2018.

For researchers

The facility provides a wide range of qualified services to the scientific community e.g. experiments with animals with microorganisms (risk grupp 2; BSL2) and access to behavioral labs.

More information is found at KM facilities (use your KI-id for log in).

Contact us

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