Barrier D at the Wallenberg laboratory

The Barrier D at the Wallenberg laboratory is a resource for short-term and mid-term maintenance of mice in experiments.

The general use of Barrier D is short-term experiments (<6 months) or mid-term experiments (>6 months in exceptional cases).  To house mice, there is no need of setting up production breeding via re-derivation of animals. 

The housing area has access to the standard animal laboratories (dissection, monitoring etc) but also access to a virus lab where experiments using viral administration of genetic material can be conducted. 

Criteria for using our services

In order to be granted access, the following criteria must be met: 

  1. The animal health declaration has to be examined by the veterinarian, and the import approved by the supervising director. 
  2. The import to Barrier D must be accompanied by an approved ethical evaluation which will be examined by the supervising director. 
  3. The user conducting the experiment in Barrier D has to meet the educational requirements stipulated by Swedish legislation, and will be evaluated by the supervising director. 

Terms and conditions

If granted access, the experiments have to be terminated at, or prior to, the given end date in your Barrier D contract and all mice have to be sacrificed or moved out immediately. One weak prior to end date, the responsible person for the Barrier D facility will inform the owner of the animals. If the animals are not moved at the given end date, the Wallenberg laboratory owns the right to remove the remaining animals within seven days without further notice. 

In general, no production breeding is allowed in the facility and it is only allowed to occupy the amount of cages assigned in the contract and for short-term studies.

Submit an enquiry online

Clients from Karolinska Institutet currently have the possibility to submit enquiries online for use of our services. More information is available once you have logged in. 

Clients who are affiliated with institutions outside Karolinska Institutet are welcome to contact us via email.

For questions regarding the online enquiry service or for general queries, please find our contact details below.


The D barrier is situated at the Wallenberg Laboratory and managed by Comparative Medicine.

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