Fast Track at the Wallenberg laboratory

Fast Track at the Wallenberg laboratory is a resource for short-term and mid-term maintenance of mice in experiments at barrier E-level. This facility is not intended for expansion of mouse colonies.

Advantages with Fast Track

Fast Track provides an opportunity for expedited evaluations of mouse models before undergoing costly rederivation procedures. If conditions are met, mice can enter Fast Track with an expedited quarantine process (veterinary approval necessary).

Fast Track has infrastructure for housing mice in individually ventilated cages in close proximity to  standard animal laboratories (dissection, monitoring etc) as well as behavior labs, but also access to a virus lab where experiments using viral administration of genetic material can be conducted.

Criteria for using Fast Track services

In order to be granted access, the following criteria must be met: 

  1. The animal health declaration has to be examined by the veterinarian, and the import approved by the supervising director. 
  2. The import to Barrier E must be accompanied by an approved ethical evaluation which will be examined by the supervising director. 
  3. The user conducting the experiment in Barrier E has to meet the educational requirements stipulated by Swedish legislation, and will be evaluated by the supervising director. 
  4. The user conducting experiments must undergo an introduction to the facility.

For your work in the facility

If you have a KI ID, log in at KM facilities to find hands-on resources and forms to begin your research at the Wallenberg laboratory.

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