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There are approximately 80 registered PhD students conducting research within a wide range of areas, from educational research to research on disaster medicine.

Many of the doctoral students are registered in areas that affect large amounts of people as complications during labour, stroke, diabetes, allergy and HIV.

Admission procedure at KI SÖS

From July 1, 2018, all admission to doctoral education has to follow a new procedure. This implies that from this date a decision of admission to doctoral education is taken without a preceding admission seminar and without an ISP as basis. For admission to doctoral studies from autumn semester 2018, the following is required:

  1. A doctoral education position is established when the department has given its approval to the supervisor by issuing a "Green light".
  2. The eligibility of the candidate is assessed by the University administration (UF).
    - The supervisor contact the doctoral education administrator at the department who verifies that this is a legitimate candidate. The candidate will then receive an e-mail with further instructions. Please note that documents will be uploaded digitally and no form is needed.
    - For candidates not yet in Sweden: The eligibility should be confirmed before arriving to KI.
  3. If the candidate is found eligible, an Eligibility statement, mandatory for an admission decision, is uploaded by the UF administrator.
  4. Admission decision taken by head of department, upon recommendation of the Director of doctoral studies, as soon as the eligibility has been confirmed
    - Use the form “Admission to doctoral education” signed by the supervisors and the candidate - Please note that admission date and starting date can differ, for example when the candidate has not yet arrived in Sweden.
  5. The student’s individual study plan (ISP) is established and approved.
    - According to law, all doctoral students must have an ISP. Therefore the ISP must be established as soon as possible after the admission.
    - It is the director of doctoral studies at the department that approves the ISP.

Compulsory attachments

  1.  Proven fulfilled entry requirements
  2. Approval from the department that a doctoral student may be recruited (green light)
  3. Proof of supervisor training (mandatory for principal supervisors)
  4. Description of the competence of each supervisor in relation to the research project
  5. Financing plan
  6. Preliminary research project

Forms before admission:

Form: Application for green light

Form: Decision of admission to doctoral education

Financing plan

Forms after admission:

Form 3.1: Individual study plan - degree of doctor

Instruction to form 3

Admission process at KI SÖS

  1.  A complete application (as described above) must be submitted to the research education administrator at KI SÖS, no later than stated deadline dates (2 occasions/semester)
  2. The Reference Group for Postgraduate Studies at KI SÖS reviews the submitted applications
  3. The applicant is called for an interview prior to admission (presentation of the research project)
  4. The head of department shall decide on the admission of the doctoral student upon recommendation of the Director of doctoral studies
  5. The PhD student and Supervisor will establish an individual study plan (ISP) as soon as possible with the university's and doctoral student's commitment. Director of doctoral studies determines the study plan.
Last date of application for autumn semester  2018  -  September 6th

All applications will be reviewed by the Reference group for admission to doctoral education at KI SÖS.

The Reference group at KI SÖS

Buster Mannheimer, Chairman, Internal Medicine

Christer Svensén, Chairman autumn semester 2018, Anaesthesia department/CU

Patrik Lyngå,  Cardiology deptartment

Anna Lindholm Olinder, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Axel Mie, Research centre

Eva Joelsson Alm, Anaesthesia department/CU

Martina Persson, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Hans Pettersson/Michael Andersson Franko, Statistician

Admitted PhD-students 2018

Irene Santos Pardo, Cardiology deptartment
Supervisor: Thomas Nyström

Karolina Eklöv, Surgery department
Supervisor: Åsa Hallqvist-Everhov

Bita Eshraghi, Obstetrics/Gynaeocology department
Supervisor: Lena Marions

Jonna Karlén, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital
Supervisor: Cecilia Pegelow Halvorsen

Malin Brunes, Obstetrics/Gynaeocology department
Supervisor: Marion Ek

Jenny Lundin, Digital imaging and oncology department
Supervisor: Sara Margolin

Elin Barnekow, Digital imaging and oncology department
Supervisor: Sara Margolin

Felicia Håkansson, Cardiology deptartment
Supervisor: Per Tornvall

Half-time review

The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctorate. The procedures for half-time review are the same for all the departments at Karolinska Institutet. 

However, a few routines and forms are unique to KI SÖS. The principal supervisor should at the latest 6 weeks prior to the half-time review propose 3 board members. Application form for half-time review at KI SÖS.


The doctoral courses are advertised twice yearly and the last application date is 15 May (autumn courses) and 15 November (spring courses). Doctoral courses catalogue. KI SÖS are responsible for a number of these courses, for example in statistics, Basics of qualitative research and KI SÖS School of Clinical Research. Currently a few of our courses are given in English.

PhD students representatives

The aim of the representatives at KI SÖS is to work for a research friendly environment and guard the interest of the doctoral students in the decision process. The PhD students representatives are members of the Department council and other committees at the department.


Please contact Buster Mannheimer, Director of Postgraduate Studies at KI SÖS, Christer Svensén or Jeanette Öhrman, doctoral administrator at KI SÖS, if you have any questions.

Director, Phd

Buster Mannheimer


Professor, senior

Christer Svensen



Jeanette Öhrman

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 875 16
Organizational unit: Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS), S1

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