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International Training in Health Risk Assessment

IMM provides training in health risk assessment for participants from academia, authorities and industry.

The health risk assessment training is based on extensive experience from the training programmes developed within the EU-funded projects CASCADE, RA-COURSES and TRISK.

IMM collaborates with other European universities and institutes with experience in risk assessment sciences in providing training.

Courses in health risk assessment

(Courses given fall 2019 highlighted in bold.)

Training courses on risk assessment methodologies for EFSA

Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)-principles and applications in toxicology and health risk assessment

Cancer risk assessment

Challenges in health risk assessment

Computer modeling of toxicokinetics and cellular signaling pathways

Computational toxicology - methods and applications

Endocrine disruptors-molecular mechanisms and adverse effects

Health risk assessment of reproductive toxicology and endocrine disruptor

Health risk assessment: Principles and applications

Nanotoxicology - potential risks of engineered nanomaterials to human health and the environment

Novel methods and approaches in health risk assessment

Safety assessment in drug discovery and development




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