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Admission to doctoral studies at FyFa

New procedure for employment and admission to doctoral studies at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology.

There is no general admission to doctoral studies at Karolinska Institutet. Admission procedures are handled at a departmental level.

There are, however, general rules established by Karolinska Institutet for admission to doctoral education.

Please read more about Admission to Doctoral Education at KI.

1. Establishment of doctoral position

Please note that the assessment will take up to three weeks, so please make sure to send in the application form on time.

Please note that for a new main supervisor, the first doctoral student has to be registered and active for a period of at least six months before ’Green light’ for another student can be obtained.

2.A. For doctoral students recruited through advertising, the following applies

The recruitment process

  • The recruitment process starts when the doctoral position is established.
  • Hanna Gustafsson at HR of FyFa will assist the supervisors with advertising of the positions as well as the subsequent steps in the recruitment process, e.g. interviews and eligibility tests of the candidates where colleagues can be involved.
  • The timeline for the recruitment process may differ depending on number of applicants etc. It’s therefore good to prepare and have foresight before initiating the process. The recruitment process will last about 10-12 weeks, including the announcement period, assessments by the candidates, interviewing, and assessment of eligibility.
  • Observe that advertising a Ph.D. position is only required if the candidate will be employed at FyFa.
  • The supervisors will select one of the Doctoral student candidates.

2.B. For doctoral students employed by SLL or supported by CSTP, or industry, the following applies:

  • The process starts when the Doctoral position is established.
  • Please contact the Doctoral course administrator Sofia Pettersson concerning the assessment of eligibility.

2.C. For doctoral students with stipends (e.g. from CSC), the following applies:

  • The process starts when the doctoral position is established.
  • The student should, whenever possible, visit FyFa and the research group for thorough interviews and clarifications of what it involves being a PhD student at KI. Hanna Gustafsson at the HR unit at FyFa will assist the supervisors in this process and with practical issues (e.g. visum application).
  • Please contact the Doctoral course administrator Sofia Pettersson concerning the assessment of eligibility.

3. Admission decision

Compulsory documents for admission

The compulsory documents should be submitted in original to the Doctoral course administrator at FyFa Sofia Pettersson.

The head of department finally decides when the procedures in sections 1 and 2A, 2B or 2C (see above) are completed.

4. Individual study plan (ISP)

All ISPs are to be drawn up on paper using form 3.

  • The student and supervisor are to submit a proposed ISP within a month of the commencement of studies and submit it to Sofia Pettersson no later than one (1) month after the registration in LADOK.
  • The ISP will be evaluated and approved by the Directors of doctoral studies, a Doctoral representative, and Sofia Pettersson. The ISP will be also presented at a seminar (held twice a semester).

ISP seminars at FyFa

The ISP seminars are held at FyFa four times per year; twice in the autumn and twice in the spring.


  • To serve as an introductory seminar and to welcome the new student.
  • To provide the student with an opportunity to present the research project from his/her perspective and to obtain feedback on it.
  • To be a learning activity for the student (note that the seminar is to be held in English).

The presentation should be approximately 15 minutes and in English, and will be followed by a question and answer session. The supervisor has to be present.

Upcoming ISP seminars at FyFa:

  • 1 October, 2019, from 09:00
  • 20 November, 2019, from 13;00

Introduction day:

Newly admitted doctoral students are invited to an Introduction day at the department via email.


Visiting address:

Course service desk at the Biomedicum Reception
Solnavägen 9, floor 3

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday: 11.30-12:30
  • Thursday: 12:00-13:00

(closed for summer and winter holidays)

Sofia Pettersson

Educational Administrator