About the department of physiology and pharmacology

At the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FyFa) we are committed to teaching and conducting internationally acclaimed, high-quality research in physiology, pharmacology, anesthesiology and intensive care.

We have around 400 employees, more than 30 research groups, and 90 doctoral students.

When you choose to become a researcher or take a doctorate at the department, you will be met by a long-standing academic tradition combined with the technology and development opportunities of tomorrow. Here you will find:

  • An effective integration of clinical and pre-clinical research.
  • Several highly internationally successful research teams.
  • Efficient administrative support for researchers, teachers and students.


Our values

We value an optimistic and creative academic environment at the department. We strive for transparent decision-making processes and an open dialogue between co-workers.

Passion, competence, financial awareness and respect are the keywords within our operation.

Our research fields

The following research fields are established at the department:

  • cellular signaling
  • cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • neuropsychopharmacology/neuroinflammation
  • pharmacogenetics
  • anesthesiology and intensive care
  • muscle physiology.

Our collaboration with the clinics at Karolinska University Hospital provides unique opportunities for translational research within our subjects.

More information about research at FyFa

Our research groups

The research groups at the department work as part of an open culture with an international atmosphere. You will find a high proportion of visiting research fellows from around the world.

We place great emphasis on the abilities of researchers to link networks and collaborate both internally at the department and externally with other institutes of higher education, in Sweden and abroad.

Equipment and methods

The methodological arsenal at the department is extensive, from advanced molecular biological techniques to whole animal research and human experimentation. At the department, you have access to:

  • established research networks for pain research
  • imaging equipment and related expertise
  • liver tissue bioreactor
  • experimental behavioural facility
  • human research laboratory.


Physiology and Pharmacology is one of the departments most frequently involved in teaching within Karolinska Institutet's study programmes. The teachers at the department teach future medical doctors, physiotherapists, biomedics and dentists.

We are proud of our educational tradition and welcome you who view teaching as an integral part of your work as a researcher.

More information on undergraduate education at FyFa

Administration and support

Research and teaching at the department is facilitated by our financial unit, HR unit, course service desk and communication officer.

Administrative staff at the department

Work or study at FyFa

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The department in brief

Annual turnover (2016): 214 MSEK
state funding: 36 %
external funding bodies: 64 %

Number of researchers, doctoral students and associates: approximately 400

Number of research groups: approximately 30

Number of professors: approximately 20

Contact us

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