The AWB at Karolinska Institutet

The AWB at Karolinska Institutet was formed 1st of January 2013 with the aim to strengthen the 3R work - Replace, Reduce, Refine at Karolinska Institutet. In addition, the AWB can take decisions on certain amendments for existing ethical permits.

Meeting dates 2024

January 25

February 22

March 21

April 25

May 23

June 27

July 25

August 22

September 26

October 23

November 28

December 19

The animal welfare body consists of the following persons

Chairman: Lars Bräutigam (Deputy: Elisabet Andersson)

NACWO: Elisabet Andersson

Veterinarian: Bengt Eriksson (Deputy: Maria Averstad)

Researcher: Camilla Svensson (Deputy: Velmurugesan Arulampalam)

Animal caretaker: Caroline Lindqvist (Deputy: Sara Ferm)

Ethologist: Mikaela Sandbacka

Adjunct for matters regarding aquatic species: Lars Bräutigam

AWB Annual reports

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Komparativ Medicin