Visiting Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (IQB) in Tokyo

Takaharu Kanno part of Camilla Björkegren group at CMB recently got a scholarship to visit the University of Tokyo. His area of research is Chromosome dynamics.

Why The University of Tokyo?

Because our group has a long-term collaboration with Prof. Shirahige group in Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (IQB), University of Tokyo, and he kindly give me an opportunity to use their cutting-edge device, C-trap. With C-trap, DNA can be manipulated as a single molecule and can be detected its dynamics in real time manner. The outcome from C-trap is very valuable in terms of chromosome dynamics research.

What did you do during your lab visit IQB at The University of Tokyo?

I visited laboratory of genome structure and function, IQB, University of Tokyo. During my visit, I completed hands-on workshop on C-trap and I performed series of experiments with the samples I sent from Sweden.

What was the major differences between working in a lab KI and The University of Tokyo?

In university of Tokyo, face mask was mandatory. And there is high-tech thermometer everywhere to detect your body temp. University of Tokyo was very strict about covid regulations.

Takaharu Kanno
Takaharu Kanno Photo: Takaharu Kanno

What is your impression of Tokyo?

Due to the covid, there is almost no foreigners in Tokyo and it was very surprising for me. And even without foreigners there are so many people in Tokyo.

Do you have any recommendations for doctoral students/researchers wanting to do a lab visit/research visit in Japan?

My favorite sushi restaurant in Tokyo

My favorite café in Tokyo

Share a memorable experience from your stay

I went Arima onsen with my parents during the weekend. The onsen was great and authentic Japanese food was fantastic. We had 17 dishes course for the dinner and 10 dishes course for the breakfast.

To what extent have your impressions and experiences from your stay abroad affected you personally?

I enjoyed it and got relaxed a lot to go back to my home country.

What will you bring back to KI?

New knowledge and technique.

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