Donating via shares, securities or dividends

Karolinska Institutet welcomes contributions in the form of shares or securities to advance our medical research.

For prospective donors considering the transfer of shares or securities, please note that such assets hold additional value for Karolinska Institutet and its associated foundations, due to donations earmarked for research and education, Karolinska Institutet benefits from limited tax liabilities, thereby exempting any capital gains tax upon sale.

For information and assistance regarding the donation process for shares or securities, please contact Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation Manager, Tove Älvemark Asp.

Donation via dividends

Owners of privately held shares have the opportunity to contribute future dividend rights to Karolinska Institutet, enjoying tax-free benefits. This arrangement encompasses dividends from both publicly listed shares and those of unlisted entities, including proprietary firms.

For comprehensive guidance on tax declarations, tax-exempt donations, and related inquiries, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently asked questions about tax declarations, tax-free donations and other practical information.




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Camilla Sjögren

Administrative Officer
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Tove Älvemark Asp

Foundation Manager