Life Science 2.0 - Stockholm Life Science Conference 2022

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Keynote speakers and Conference moderator

President Ole Petter Ottersen

Welcome to Life Science 2.0 - Safeguarding life and reframing Life Science in the wake of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic is still not over. Yet now is the time to harness the momentum of the successes and the lessons learned.

The collaborative effort leading to the rapid development of new vaccines and treatments is a true success story. But we have also seen what needs to be done better next time crisis hits.

The life science ecosystem must safeguard the modus operandi that worked so well during the pandemic. And in parallel help build more resilient societies that are better prepared and more equitable in terms of access to vaccines, medicines, and health care services.


Safeguarding life globally today and for future generations - this is the essence of Life Science 2.0. 



Look forward to seeing you at the event!

Ole Petter Ottersen

President of Karolinska Institutet

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