Main topics - Life Science 2.0

Stockholm Life Science Conference 2022 - Life Science 2.0

Monday, 28 November 2022

The conference addresses the need to reframe Life Science in the wake of COVID-19 and safeguard life: long-term and globally. Please, visit the conference site for more information.

Together with the key-note speakers and expert panelists we will explore:

  • The development of COVID-19 vaccines, oral treatment and how decades of basic research paved the way for new vaccines.
  • Building a sustainable life science sector and safeguarding planetary health in the context of UN's Agenda 2030.
  • Developing “universal preparedness” across geographical and generational boundaries and socioeconomic strata focusing on gender and equity.
  • Precision medicine & New Generation Clinical trials: Bringing clinical trials to a new level and accelerating the development of treatments and prevention of neglected diseases.
  • A global, national, and regional perspective on the future of Life Science Topic: How should we combine the ambition to be among the best IN the world with being the be best FOR the world?
  • The role and responsibility of academia in the development and implementation of Life Science 2.0.