KI partnership with UIDP

KI has entered into a long-term membership with the non-profit association 'University-Industry Demonstration Partnership' (UIDP) in order to improve further learnings and best practice for partnering with industry.

KI Membership

All KI employees can benefit from this membership and get full access to membership, services, resources and participation in activities.

As a member in UIDP you can learn about:

  • Contract agreements for sponsored research
  • Tech commercialisation, scouting, and IP 
  • Government engagement & economic development 
  • Partnership management
  • Research, Innovation leaders
  • Workforce development through recruitment, joint hires, co-op/internships

If you wish to take part of the full KI membership with UIDP please send an email to Richard Cowburn who will coordinate with UIDP to fix log in details.

Member benefits include:


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