KI partnership with UIDP

KI has entered into a long-term membership with the non-profit association 'University-Industry Demonstration Partnership' (UIDP) in order to improve further learnings and best practice for partnering with industry.

UIDP - University-Industry Demonstration Partnership

UIDP is an association and global network that currently comprises more than 160 world-class research universities and top industry innovation leaders across North America and the world who engage with each other to find better ways to partner and increase the benefits from multi-sector collaborations.

UIDP works in a project-oriented manner whereby members identify strategic and tactical issues that impact university-industry relations. Members then work together to find process-oriented solutions and to share successful models of collaboration, to help people develop best practice and innovative approaches to multi-sector collaboration.

The characteristic for UIDP events is to share knowledge and experience in University-Industry collaborations and partnerships and to collaborate to identify, create, and test practical approaches to address operational and strategic issues at the University-Industry interface and also to shared challenges by being active participants in UIDP projects and activities.

KI Membership

All KI employees can benefit from this membership and get full access to membership, services, resources and participation in activities.

As a member in UIDP you can learn about:

  • Contract agreements for sponsored research
  • Tech commercialisation, scouting, and IP 
  • Government engagement & economic development 
  • Partnership management
  • Research, Innovation leaders
  • Workforce development through recruitment, joint hires, co-op/internships

If you wish to take part of the full KI membership with UIDP please send an email to Richard Cowburn who will coordinate with UIDP to fix log in details.

Member benefits include:

  • Podcasts
  • Recorded Webinars
  • 3-Minute Read (weekly blog)
  • Published Project Materials (best practice guidance around University-Industry collaboration)
  • Survey Results

Bi-annual conferences in the spring and fall:

  • Topical forums
  • Workshops
  • Receptions
  • Webinars throughout the year

Here one can lift up topics for which you are seeking insights around partnering challenges. UIDP can mobilise to meet members' specific needs by convening the right set of professionals in the appropriate setting.

Common modalities:

  • Hosted webinars
  • Event speaking opportunities
  • 1-Minute Surveys
  • Promotional support
  • Job Postings
  • Small-Group Problem Solving: You may leverage member-driven UIDP Projects to collaborate with other UIDP members to tackle challenges and advance your work. Examples of project topics:
    • University Personnel Working at Company Sites
    • Joint Solicitations: Government-Issued Funding Solicitations Co-Funded by Industry
    • Jointly Funded PhDs
    • Upfront IP Models