A postcard from Keio University

Matti Lam, PhD student in the Department of Neuroscience visited Keio University in Tokyo for a research exchange study lasting 3 months from April through June in 2019.

Matti Lam on top of Mount Hakone, steaming active volcano.

I chose to go to Professor Hideyuki Okano's laboratory at Keio University, since Professor Okano is a leading scientist in the field of neural stem cells and applying iPS cells to study neurodevelopment.

During the exchange, I made use of my knowledge in modeling neurobiology and single cell sequencing data analysis to interpret and generate results for ongoing research projects. The experience working in the research environment was very good, in terms of partaking in daily routines, witnessing how Japanese researchers work and the overall volume of operation, I thought it was all very impressive.

Amount of attention and action invested into solving research questions was to me very inspiring.

Experiencing Tokyo

Living and working in Tokyo made a big impression on me. The fast mega-city pace, seeing people in motion and just riding the public transport system was truly awesome. There were so many unexpected things to see and experience. The Tokyo culture, shrines, temples, museums and local festivals were all very beautiful.

I would definitely recommend any curious students or researchers to go on a research exchange to Japan. 

Some words of advice, try keeping an open mind, you will be entering another world...and learn some basic Japanese before you go.

Matti Lam, PhD student

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Emma Hägg