How to get started

Are you interested in establishing a scientific collaboration with a group at University of Tokyo? This is an outline of possible first steps.

Stone vault in building, two silhouettes are walking through i a distance.
University of Tokyo. Photo: Camilla Björkegren

1. Find a group at the University of Tokyo that you want to collaborate with, either at "Groups Affiliated to the program to this programme, or any of the following schools or institutes at the University of Tokyo.

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate School of Medicine

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Graduate School of Agriculture

The Institute of Industrial Science

The Institute of Medical Science

The Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

2. Reach out to one of the UTokyo-KI LINK contact persons who will help with the initial contact and give you further information on how to proceed.

Content reviewer:
Linda Lindell