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In the interviews, Susan Shiff from Merck and Alexander von Gabain, former director of innovations at KI, explain why the collaboration is important and how it can improve conditions for clinical research in the future. How it will support product development by stimulating patient-centred outcome studies – that is, studies on how approved drugs work in the real clinical world, a concept known as Real World Evidence.

Dr. Susan Shiff, Merck & Co., Inc explains that the collaboration generates a common ecosystem where researchers can arrive at collective solutions to medical issues.

MSD: MSD is a subsidiary of Merck and Co. Inc. It is located in Sweden with its head office in the Hagastaden district of Stockholm, next to Karolinska Institutet’s Solna campus.

Prof Alexander von Gabain, former director of innovation at KI, says that the agreement sets the framework for close collaboration, in which researchers from both parties work together without imposing any limits on the scope of the research in advance.