Collaboration between KI and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV.

Multi-faceted Research Collaboration for Advanced Real-World Evidence, Biomarker, and Translational Research. Janssen and KI are working together with the goal of improving health outcomes for patients by accelerating and enhancing translational research and real-world evidence. The partnership is built on dynamic collaboration, openness and transparency for the mutual benefit of both organisations, advancement of science and patient outcomes.

Current areas of interest for the collaboration

Janssen KI collaboration areas

More than 60 researchers from KI and Janssen have participated in research programs that have generated more than 25 scientific manuscripts and more than 35 conference abstracts.

The collaboration is governed by a joint steering committee and coordinated by an operational team comprising alliance managers from both organisations. Each research program includes a core team of researchers from both organisations.

Strategic pillars of the collaboration

Process development diagram

Academic advancement

Enhance science through joint research in selected areas

Process development hands

Deliver actionable research

Integrating research results in practice

Competence talent development

Talent development

Build on existing strengths with the right people and opportunities for excellent performance

The research collaboration in advanced real-world evidence (RWE), biomarker, and translational research was initiated by Janssen and Karolinska Institutet in 2015, with an initial focus on applied data science and RWE research together with pharmacoepidemiologic and RWE methods development. In 2019, this research collaboration was expanded in scope to encompass translational research, and research projects have also been initiated across additional disease areas and indications.


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