Alumni National and Global Network

Today, KI has alumni networks on campus and global networks.

KI Alumni have many commited members working from all the corners of the world, connecting to one another. This have resulted in global and national networks. Here are some and more is to come!


KI Alumni National Network

KI Alumni Global Network

Guidelines for Alumni Network

The Alumni Relations Office enthusiastically supports our national and global networks. Would you like to start a network for your programme, department or country? Contact us at We look forward to supporting your initiative!

KI Alumni Networks

Alumni networks are alumni groups affiliated with education programs, departments or institutions. Based on a common educational background, KI's alumni networks are active in career mentoring, reunions, and professional networking. Meetings, professional networking, and social activities often occur in Stockholm or on KI campus.

Global Alumni Network

Global alumni networks are alumni groups based on geographical area. These regional networks in hub cities around the world provide a professional network for KI's alumni who have relocated outside of Sweden. KI's global alumni often reunite when KI's leadership conducts a visit, when a research symposium occurs, or when an alumni ambassador organizes an event.

To qualify for certification of an alumni association or chapter, here are the steps of action:

Contact the Alumni Relations Office

Submit an application and sign a contract

Appoint an alumni network liaison, who will correspond with the Alumni Relations Officer

Approve websites or LinkedIn pages with the Alumni Relations Office

Abide by the KI Alumni Association or Chapter Regulations