The MULTI-PSYCH cohort

The MULTI-PSYCH cohort consists of patients diagnosed with major depression, panic disorder, or social anxiety who have undergone a 12-week ICBT treatment at the Internet Psychiatry Clinic (IPSY) in Region Stockholm, Sweden

Data were collected before, during and after treatment and include a plethora of clinical, process, genetic and registry data from birth and up to 10 years after completion of ICBT treatment. Cohort inclusion occurred between 2009 through 2019 and a total of 3298 people (62% women) participated, making the database the largest in the world of its kind.

We aim to use MULTI-PSYCH data to find predictors of different short-term and long-term outcomes after the end of CBT treatment. Short-term outcomes are, for example, remission or symptom change after treatment. Long-term outcomes include poverty, sick leave and health care consumption. An improved knowledge and understanding of predestined factors, but also pure predictors, for these outcomes could contribute to more efficient treatment for these patients and better resource allocation in healthcare.

Illustration of the process as described under Purpose
Illustration of the process Photo: Julia Boberg


The MULTI-PSYCH project will (1) use traditional statistical modelling to investigate the degree to which clinical, process, genetic and registry variables are associated with symptom change and disorder status  after treatment, (2) identify individuals at risk of adverse short-term and long-term clinical and socio-economic outcomes, (3) develop and validate prediction models using both traditional statistics and machine learning methodology, (4) critically evaluate research findings from MULTI-PSYCH and their potential for implementation and clinical use, and (5) contribute data to international genetic consortia for GWAS and other genomic study designs to discover genetic variation which may be behind the development of psychiatric conditions, its symptom course trajectories, and remission.


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