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Scientific Advisory board and stakeholders

Tomas Olsson, MD, PhD Senior Consultant
Jan Hillert, MD, PhD Senior Consultant
Jacques Roussel, Jr (LA, USA) Stakeholder, MS patient USA
his father and MS patient, Jacques Roussel Senior (LA, USA) Stakeholder, MS patient and caregiver, USA
Mother and wife Linda Roussel (LA, USA) Stakeholder, caregiver USA
Julie Stachowiak (Arizona, USA) Stakeholder
Deanna Stoner (LA, USA) Stakeholder, Rituxan for MS facebook page (online support group)
Jens Johansson (Stockholm, Sweden) Swedish patient
Eva Helmersson, Swedish Patient Advocacy Group (Sweden) Stakeholder
Nicholas LaRocca, NMSS (New York City, USA) Stakeholder, NMSS
Nazia Rashid, PharmD, MS, Pharmacy/ Health Plan (LA, USA) Stakeholder
Gavin Giovannoni, MD, PhD Stakeholder, Author of Barts MS Blog
Swedish MS Society (Sweden) Stakeholder
Gary Gronseth Stakeholder, AAN
Saty Satya-Murti Stakeholder