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Speech and language disorders in children children and adolescents

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Project group leader

Anita McAllister

Speech and language disorders have a negative impact on communication. It is common that several aspects of speech and language are affected in the same child, such as speech motor disorders and language disorders associated with autism spectrum disorders, or difficulties with language, attention and literacy.

Our projects involve several areas of communication in children and adolescents. We have projects investigating and describing comorbidity of affected functions, projects aiming at developing clinical assessment instruments and projects aiming at the development and assessment of intervention. Several projects focus on motor speech disorders and characteristics related to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).

We also investigate how different groups of listeners perceive children’s deviant speech, and how school-aged children with and without developmental language disorders and ADHD manage oral and written narratives.

Project group members

    Name Title Function
    Anita McAllister Docent, leg logoped Projektledare
    Sofia Strömbergsson Postdoc, leg logoped Projektledare
    Päivikki Aarne Med dr, Leg logoped Forskare
    Susanne Rex Leg logoped Doktorand
    Åsa Mogren Leg logoped Doktorand
    Ann Malmenholt Leg logoped Doktorand
    Anna Eva Hallin Leg logoped Postdoc

    Research projects

    • Comorbidity of Apraxia in Children with Autism (with Päivikki Aarne, Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet, Katarina Lindström, Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet, Laura DeThorne, University of Illinois, Ann Malmenholt, Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet)
    • Functional consequences of children’s misarticulation in continuous speech (with Sofia Strömbergsson (PI), Jens Edlund, Royal Institute of Technology, Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam, Stockholm University, Tove Lagerberg, Gothenburg University)
    • Perceptual voice and speech disorders in individuals with compromised respiration (with Kerstin Johansson (PI) Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet)
    • Development of a clinical guide for further assessment of orofacial functions, Nordic Oralmotor Test-Screening, NOT-S, (with Lotta Sjögreen, Mun-H Center, Merete Bakke, University of Copenhagen, Birgitta Bergendal, Center for rare disorders, Jönköping, Pamela Åsten, TAKO-senter, Oslo)
    • Speech sound disorders in children; Differential diagnosis, comorbidity and intervention in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (with Susanne Rex, Kristina Hansson, Lund University, Edythe Strand, the Mayo Clinic)
    • Jaw function and occlusion in children with orofacial dysfunction and motor speech disorders (with Åsa Mogren, Monica Barr Agholme, Karolinska Institutet, Lotta Sjögreen, Mun-H Center)
    • To explain and to narrate - narrative and expository spoken and written texts in Swedish school-age children Anna Eva Hallin (PI).
    • SALT in Swedish – a language analyses tool for clinicians. Anna Eva Hallin, Karolinska Institutet, Ketty Andersson, Lunds Universitet, and Maria Levlin, Umeå Universitet.
    • Inventorying, evaluation and trialling of instruments for the assessment of language skills, functioning and activity. With Sofia Strömbergsson, Karolinska Institutet, in collaboration with Talkliniken Danderyds sjukhus, Stockholm.

    Selected publications

    • Contardo, I., McAllister, A., Strömbergsson, S. (2014). Real-time registration of listener reactions to unintelligibility in misarticulated child speech. In Proceedings of Fonetik, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014.
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    • Hallin, A.E. & Reuterskiöld, C. (2018). Effects of frequency and morpho-syntactic structure on error detection, correction, and repetition in Swedish-speaking children. Applied Psycholinguistics, (early online), 1-32. Doi:10.1017/S0142716418000280.
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