Speech and language disorders in children

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Project Group Leader

Anita McAllister

Speech disorders have a negative impact on communication. Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a disorder affecting the motor programming of movements for speech. Children with CAS have difficulties achieving and maintaining the automatic control necessary for fluent speech. Breathing is the base in voice and speech production. Individuals with compromised respiration often have affected voice and speech. Projects we participate in deal with speech- and language development in relation to motor functions and disorders, perceptual assessment of speech disorders, co-morbidity in children with CAS and effects of early intervention for children with stuttering.

Project Group Members

Name Title Function
Anita McAllister Associate professor, SLP Project Group Leader
Sofia Strömbergsson Post doc, SLP Project Leader
Kerstin Johansson Dr Med Sci, SLP Researcher
Päivikki Aarne Dr Med Sci, SLP Researcher
Susanne Rex SLP Doctoral student
Åsa Mogren SLP Doctoral student
Ann Malmenholt SLP Doctoral student
Lovisa Femrell SLP  

Research projects

  • Comorbidity of Apraxia in Children with Autism (with Päivikki Aarne, Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet, Katarina Lindström, Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet, Laura DeThorne, University of Illinois, Ann Malmenholt, Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet)
  • Functional consequences of children’s misarticulation in continuous speech (with Sofia Strömbergsson (PI), Jens Edlund, Royal Institute of Technology, Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam, Stockholm University, Tove Lagerberg, Gothenburg University)
  • Perceptual voice and speech disorders in individuals with compromised respiration (with Kerstin Johansson (PI) Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet)
  • Development of a clinical guide for further assessment of orofacial functions, Nordic Oralmotor Test-Screening, NOT-S, (with Lotta Sjögreen, Mun-H Center, Merete Bakke, University of Copenhagen, Birgitta Bergendal, Center for rare disorders, Jönköping, Pamela Åsten, TAKO-senter, Oslo)
  • Speech sound disorders in children; Differential diagnosis, comorbidity and intervention in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (with Susanne Rex, Kristina Hansson, Lund University, Edythe Strand, the Mayo Clinic)
  • Jaw function and occlusion in children with orofacial dysfunction and motor speech disorders (with Åsa Mogren, Monica Barr Agholme, Karolinska Institutet, Lotta Sjögreen, Mun-H Center)
  • Outcomes of the Lidcombe Program in Sweden (with Lovisa Femrell, Elisabeth Lindström, Åbo Academy, Finland)

Selected publications

  • Bakke, M, Bergendal, B, McAllister, A, Sjögreen, L, Ågren, P. (2007). Development and evaluation of a global screening for orofacial dysfunction. Swedish Dental J, 31 (2):75-84.
  • Bergendal, B., McAllister, A, Stecksén-Blicks, C. (2009). Orofacial dysfunction in ectodermal dysplasia measured using the Nordic Orofacial Test – Screening (NOT-S). Acta Odontol Scand, Nov,  67: 377-381.
  • McAllister, A, Lundeborg I. (2013). Sensorimotor functions in typically developing children 3 to 8 years old; assessed by the Nordic orofacial test, NOT-S. J of Medical Speech-Lang Path. 21; 1,  article 4 (9 pages) 51–59.
  • Bergendal, B, Bakke, M, McAllister, A, Sjögreen, L, Ågren, P. (2014). Profiles of orofacial dysfunction in different diagnostic groups using the Nordic Orofacial Test (NOT-S) – a review. Acta Odontol Scand ,72;8, 578-84
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  • Johansson, K., Robieux, C., Strömbergsson, S., McAllister, A. (2016). Perceptual Detection of Subtle Dysphonic Traits in Individuals with Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Using an Audience Response Systems Approach. J Voice, online February 2, 2016
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