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PhD-students - Orthopaedics and Biotechnology

Registered PhD-students

Lukas Berglund

Synovial metabolism after knee surgery and tissue pharmacomodulation

Pierre Campenfeldt

Patients under 70 years of age with a femoral neck fracture. Surgical outcome, function and health related quality of life

Anastasios Charalampidis

Idiopathic scoliosis - aspects on surgical and non-surgical treatment

Katarina Greve

Hip fractures in an aging population (…)

Sven Jonsson

Utvärdering av hälso- och sjukvårdens acceptans av telemedicinsk diagnostik och monitorering relativt konventionella metoder – en studie inom hemsjukvården från ett teknologiskt perspektiv.

Maritha Kumlin

Studies of cellular and synovial tissue on tendon and joint regeneration

Tobias Lagerbäck

What are the long term effect of lumbar disc herniation in children and adolescents

Josefina Nyvang

Patients undergoing a total knee arthroplasty – indications, symptoms, expectations and function with a gender perspective

Alexander Oxblom

Ytersättningsproteser: Kirurgi med framtidspotential?

Christos Topalis

Livskvalité och biologiska markörer vid idiopatisk skolios