Division of Functional Imaging and Technology

About us

The Karolinska Institute´s division of Functional Imaging and Technology was founded in 2017 and constitutes the multidisciplinary link between medicine and technology in health care and academia.

With the patient needs in focus we collaborate with other authorities, companies and society. The localization at Campus Flemingsberg enables a close partnership between the Karolinska Institute, the Karolinska university hospital Huddinge and the KTH, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with its new resources in the Technology and Health building. At the hospital association to e.g. departments of clinical physiology, radiology, medical radiation physics & nuclear medicine and medical technology/biomedical engineering makes available patients, images, equipment and further infrastructures for research, education and teaching.

Together the division of functional imaging and technology, the hospital, the county council of Stockholm and “the Stockholm medical image laboratory and education” (SMILE), develop and handle images as well as courses for and by medical image and technology interested clinicians and scientists with a diverse background. Involvement in the Jonasson's Center for Medical Imaging at the KTH campus south, potentiates multidisciplinary research teams and offers access to advanced clinical and preclinical imaging equipment, a 3D theater etc. Available at the division are high end computers, simulation software and phantoms as well as an ultrasound laboratory with wet lab facilities where ultrasound equipment and contrast agents is manufactured and evaluated.

Through clinical needs and innovations, we want to develop healthcare. Patients treatment and prioritization are dependent on adequate diagnostics, where provocations, triggering the patient's symptoms, are often included. With education across borders and research for safe implementation of medical technology innovations, we strive for evidence-based use, registration and knowledge support, promoting also artificial intelligence.

The division's basic and clinical research involves most imaging modalities and image sciences, but also sensors, bioimpedance, e-health and IT.

We teach clinically and scientifically in areas of medical imaging, hospital physics and medical technology/biomedical engineering at both the basic, specialist and postgraduate level at the Karolinska institute, the Karolinska university hospital, the Stockholm University and at the KTH, Royal institute of technology.