PhD-students at the Division of Orthopaedics and Biotechnology

Registered PhD-students

Lukas Berglund

Synovial metabolism after knee surgery and tissue pharmacomodulation

Simon Blixt

Treatment and outcome of vertebral fractures

Tian Cheng

Delineating the genetics in severe scoliosis
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Katarina Greve

Hip fractures in an aging population (…)

Robin Hansson

The evidence-based treatment for osteoporotic fractures

Siri Heijbel

Patientrapporterat utfall efter knäledsplastik: Utvärdering och validering av ett nytt score, registerstudie samt interventionsstudie

Jonas Holtenius

Polytrauma patients – Epidemiology and outcome
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Lise-Lott Larsson

Healthcare professional related factors and airborne bioparticles during arthroplasty surgeries
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Alejandro Marcano

To operate or not to operate: The invisible hand in healthcare decision making.
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Alexander Oxblom

Ytersättningsproteser: Kirurgi med framtidspotential?
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