Liver Cells Laboratory

The Liver Cell Laboratory at the Division of Transplantation Surgery, Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC), isolates primary human hepatocytes. Primary human liver cells are a unique resource that is not widely available because of difficulties in acquiring human liver tissue and viable cell isolation. We offer our solid experience and expertise within the hepatocyte field.

Livercell lab


Our research team is experienced in the isolation and transplantation of hepatocytes to treat liver disease, and we bring this experience to provide hepatocytes for basic research from liver tissue not suited for clinical transplantation such as tissue obtained from patients undergoing liver resection for cancer.

Our goal is to share these primary human liver cells with other investigators and provide them with primary human hepatocytes for research. It is also important for us that all of the cells we isolate come to use. Primary liver cells are the only in vitro system for liver studies that maintain the advanced functions of an adult hepatocyte. Under special culturing conditions these cells preserve their differentiated phenotype but do not divide. Using cultured primary hepatocytes one can study a wide range of systems from pharmaceutical metabolism, toxicity, synthesis and metabolism to advanced canalicular transport. The application of primary hepatocytes is vast and also includes bioreactors and transplantation studies.

We collaborate with and provide cells to a growing list of research groups at Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University, AstraZeneca as well as research groups in Germany and Israel.


While our service focus on providing primary hepatocytes in suspension or plated on culture plates or flasks, other cell types from the liver can also be provided. In addition, we offer education of staff and scientists in isolation technique and the handling and culture of the cells we provide. We also offer advice on experimental design and troubleshooting problems that may occur.

Practical information

There are requirements to receive liver hepatocytes and hence before you can receive cells from our facility, we need to have an ethical permit and a transfer agreement in place. Users will have to arrange and pay for transportation of the cells and a service fee will be charged.Please visit our website for price information. Please contact Dr. Ewa Ellis for more information or to set up an agreement.


Ewa C. S. Ellis

PhD, Associate Professor

Liver cell laboratory, F67
Division of Transplantation Surgery
Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, CLINTEC
Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge
SE 141 86 Stockholm

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