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Cancer Research KI aims to host a variety of seminar series in order to provide a comprehensive and pedagogical overview of different cancer research areas. Any upcoming seminars will be listed here.

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Advanced Cancer Biology Seminars

Seminar series in Advanced Cancer Biology at Biomedicum, KI Solna, Spring 2019

The seminar series will provide a comprehensive and pedagogical overview of the cancer research area including different tumor types, mechanism and models of cancer. The topics include apoptosis, cell cycle, cancer stem cells, differentiation, senescence, virus and bacteria-associated cancer, tumor immunology, cancer genetics and epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics of cancer, tumor microenvironment, angiogenesis, metastasis, tumor heterogeneity and development of new treatments as well as key issues in clinical cancer research.

The seminar series is intended for PhD students, postdocs and researchers. Participating in the seminars will generate credit points for PhD students according to the KI and/or departmental rules. PhD students interested in this opportunity can “register” by sending an e-mail to organizers as specified below. Registered students will receive a schedule for the seminar series and will be notified per e-mail about upcoming lectures each week. A list will be passed around during the lecture for signing by attending PhD students, and will be used to calculate achieved credit points at the end of the semester.

The seminar series is organized to contain approximately 20 lectures of 45 min plus 15 min discussion, held once per week during the semester held by invited national and international prominent researchers.

All seminars are held in rooms at Biomedicum floor 3 (entry floor) KI Solna Campus at 1 pm, usually in B0313 unless otherwise stated during the period 2019-01-15 - 2019-06-11.


Lars-Gunnar Larsson, MTC, e-mail: (main organizer)
Galina Selivanova, MTC, email:
Margareta Wilhelm, MTC, e-mail:

PhD students interested in this opportunity should send an e-mail to:

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