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Cancer Research KI continously strives to increase the interface between health care and research with the aim of boosting translational cancer research.

Annual Report 2021 Karolinska CCC

Comprehensive Cancer Center 

In 2019, Karolinska Institute and the Karolinska University hospital have initiated an application to become a Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) as defined by the statues of OECI (Organisation of European Cancer Institutes): The definition of translational research is a research continuum from basic research through preclinical and clinical research to structured implementation to the health care and evaluation. In the Comprehensive Cancer Center care and prevention are integrated with research, development and education. The Comprehensive Cancer Center has by definition all structures needed for a continuous research process.

Fundamental to the Comprehensive Cancer Center is multidisciplinarity in the health care and integration of the research process. The main mission of OECI is to facilitate the development of Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Europe.

Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital are the first institutions in Sweden to be accredited as a Comprehensive Cancer Centre by the OECI.

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MD/PhD research group Oncology

- a forum for physician scientists in their early career

The MD/PhD research group at Tema Cancer, Karolinska University Hospital, was established in 2018 by residents in oncology (ST läkare). The group aims to be a forum for physicians who actively pursue research projects in addition to their clinical duty, and even welcomes those who plan to start research projects and seek guidance and inspiration.


The purpose of the group is to improve the conditions for conducting high-level research in parallel to clinical specialization. It serves partly as a "peer group", to discuss and advise on research grants, infrastructure and organizational issues specific to physician researchers.

Since 2019, the group is supported by Cancer research KI.
It is aimed at physicians - mainly at the beginning of their careers – with an interest in cancer research, both on the level of basic, translational, and clinical science.
Although the group was created by oncologists in training, other specialties with projects on cancer are explicitly welcome to join!


The group holds lunch meetings several times per semester at which general issues regarding funding and organisational aspects are discussed, and ongoing projects are presented.

Twice per year, the group hosts evening seminars with lectures by national and international speakers.

At both occasions, we offer the possibility, and encourage to, discuss research and any topics related to the medical profession.


Please contact Lisa Liu ( or Marco Gerling ( for more information.