Cancer Research KI - Innovation

Collaboration with the medical industry and KI innovations promotes the translation of research findings into the development of new drugs, biomarkers, and treatments.

Cancer Research KI strives to accelerate the innovation and commercialization potential within the environment with a focused innovation agenda. The research themes within Cancer Research KI that have generated a high level of industry interest include:

  • Tumor microenvironment and its role in cancer development and treatment response.
  • Identify and validate new drug targets. 
  • Identify biomarkers or genetic markers predicting therapeutic response.

The latter is especially important considering the strong industry interest to allocate patients to clinical studies where the chance of a beneficial response is best and where one can provide individualized and tailored cancer treatments. To this end, technologies to count DNA and RNA molecules, as well as studies proving variable expression of established markers during tumor progression from local to metastatic disease, provide important contributions.

Cancer Research KI supported the previous ClinSeq study aiming for more effective drug development and future personalized care.

Mentor 4 Research

Are you curious about commercialization and implementation and would like to learn more about the possibilities of how your research could be explored to benefit the patients? If so, this Mentor4 Research program can be for you! KI Innovations AB will run a mentorship program for oncology and stem cells and regenerative medicine researchers at KI in collaboration with Cancer Research KI and StratRegen at KI. 

Learn more on how Cancer Research KI collaborates with Mentor 4 Research programme.

Corporate partnering

Cancer Research KI works closely with Richard Cowburn, Responsible for Corporate Partnering at KI, to strengthen and develop fruitful longterm collaborations in the cancer space between KI the pharma industry. These efforts will strengthen the ongoing collaboration between several individual research groups and companies, aim to give rise to new collaborations and allow for a more coordinated approach towards interaction with the industrial sector. 

Read more on EEO - External Engagement Office.

Commercialization of early discoveries

Karolinska Insitutet Innovations AB (KI Innovations) serves to support researchers at Karolinska Institutet in getting their research results developed to commercial products for the benefit of patients and society. Cancer Research KI works closely with KI Innovations and you are most welcome to turn to them with any questions you might have consering commercialization of your research ideas and results - no question is too small and it is never too early to approach them for a first discussion. Conatct person for cancer at KI Innovation is Mats Ferm.

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