Targeting DNA Repair in Cancer

The StratCan Interactive Summer School in Cancer 2015 focuses on Targeting DNA Repair in Cancer. The summer school will be held June 22 - June 25 at Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden in the Stockholm archipelago.

The research school focuses on Maintenance of genome integrity through DNA repair and how this is important in cancer and how it can be used as a strategy to develop novel targeted anti-cancer treatments. The summer school will include topics such as:

  • Genome organization
  • Molecular mechanisms in DNA damage response
  • DNA repair pathways
  • Strategies to exploit DNA repair and damage response in anti-cancer treatments
  • Clinical perspective on DNA repair

The summer school will also focus on Career development where each student gets a chance to interact with faculty to discuss individual career perspectives.

Each student will give an oral presentation of results (10 min) and also discuss the results from another student in a broader perspective (5 min). This summer school will engage students to develop not only their scientific knowledge but also develop to a broader picture of science and career development.


  • Jan Hoeijmakers
  • Jiri Bartek
  • Magda Bienko
  • Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo
  • Robert G Bristow
  • Thomas Helleday


Each day will consist of 2 identical blocks with lunch in between (June 22 only afternoon and June 25 only morning session):


Student Talks (see below), 3 x 20 min

Keynote Lecture, 60 min


Student Talks (see below), 3 x 20 min

Inspirational Career Lecture by Invited Speaker, 60 min


Student Talks (see below), 3 x 20 min

Keynote lecture, 60 min


Student talks (see below), 3 x 20 min

Inspirational Career Lecture by Invited Speaker, 60 min


Each student will give a talk at the meeting.

The slots will be 20 min each and structured as follows:

  • 10 min Data talk (i.e. presentation of your own project)
  • 5 min Analysis by another student (criticisms and constructive ideas)
  • 5 min General Discussion


Each lecturer will give 2 talks: one scientific talk (general) and one inspirational career talk where the lecturer will give an overview of his own path in science.


The Summer School 2015 is held at Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden.


The Summer School is open to PhD-students and PostDocs. The participant number is limited to 35 to allow for an interactive learning environment.

Accepted participants will be charged a registration fee of 90 Euros. The remaining costs for accommodation and participation will be free of charge (sponsored by StratCan).

The application is closed (deadline May 15).


The 2015 StratCan interactive Summer School is organized by Thomas Helleday and Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo.


Thomas Helleday

Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo

Sandra Falck

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