Summer School 2016 Cancer cell niche

The StratCan Interactive Summer School in Cancer 2016 focuses on the Cancer cell niche. The summer school will be held June 14 - June 17 at Conference Hotel Yasuragi in the Stockholm archipelago.

The summer school focuses on the role of the cancer cell niche (including cancer stromal cells, immune cells and the factors secreted by cancer stromal cells) in cancer initiation and progression and the underlying molecular mechanisms behind these events. The possible strategies and preclinical as well as clinical trials targeting the cancer cell niche will be included.

Specifically, the main topics will be:

  • Cancer cell niche characterization
  • Niche control of cancer stem cells
  • The role of niche in carcinogenesis
  • Leukemic stem cell niche
  • Therapeutic strategies for targeting cancer cell niche

Summer School 2016 flyer (pdf)


The summer school format strives to encourage interaction and discussion between the participants and the teachers through different sessions, with the goal to develop not only the students scientific knowledge, but also a broader picture on science and career development:

  1. A questions-based free discussion forum around the basic concepts and unsolved issues in the field will take place on the first day.
  2. All invited speakers will give a lecture on their research work
  3. A workshop on career development will be held by one of the invited scientists: an expert perspective on cancer cell and cancer niche research.
  4. A workshop will be arranged on technologies of cancer cell niche characterization
  5. Sessions will be arranged for student discussions with the experts
  6. Presentations will be given by each participating student:
    - Oral presentations: 20 min presentation (10 min + 10 min discussion) for selected oral presentation
    - Poster presentations: 5 min oral introduction followed by a poster presentation.

Confirmed speakers

  • Tsvee Lapidot, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • Arne Östman, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Dominique Bonnet, Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute, UK
  • Maria Kasper, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Eva Hellström-Lindberg, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Yihai Cao, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Janne Lehtiö, Karolinska Institutet & SciLifelab, Sweden

The list of speakers will be updated as additional speakers are confirmed.


The 4-day summer school will be held at the Conference Hotel Yasuragi in the Stockholm archipelago on June 14-17, 2016.


The Summer School is open to national and international PhD-students and PostDocs.

All applicants are required to submit an abstract (abstract template) along with their application form via email to The abstract will not be published online. Abstract submission and application deadline is May 2, 2016.

Abstract acceptance will be notified within one week after the application deadline. The participant number is limited to 35 to allow for an interactive learning environment.

Accepted participants will be charged a registration fee of 100 Euros (payment details will be provided upon acceptance). Remaining costs for accommodation and participation will be free of charge (sponsored by StratCan).


The 2016 StratCan interactive Summer School is organized by Hong Qian and Julian Walfridsson from Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM) at Karolinska Institute.




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