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Mentor4Research (M4R): a new mentorship program for researchers at KI 

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Mentor4Research (M4R) program is aimed at researchers who are interested in learning more about the commercialization or implementation of research and collaborating with the business community.

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Merck-KI Science Day 2019

Karolinska Institutet and Merck KGaA, Germany, currently run several joint projects in the fields of oncology, immuno-oncology and immunology. The current oncology/ immuno-oncology projects are headed at KI by Randall Johnson, Urban Lendahl and Evren Alici.

A first Merck-KI Science Day took place at the Merck headquarters in Darmstadt Feb. 12th, 2019 to strengthen the current collaboration and allow for discussion regarding new joint projects.

KI-Roche WS 2015

KI and Roche had an active Master Collaborative Agreement (MCA) for strategic collaboration in the Cancer Research field (signed by KI and Roche global research organization in December 2014) during 2015-17. The aim of the agreement was to develop new and better therapies and more specific methods for analyses, as well as to identify novel signal pathways as potential drug targets. The MCA was featured in a news article in

A joint KI-Roche workshop in Oncology was held at Nobel Forum KI Solna October 19-20, 2015 with the ambition to allow interaction and discussion regarding possibilities for joint research projects.

The Joint Steering Committee (JSC)* met regularly during the agreement period. It was jointly agreed not to prolongue the MCA, but to continue a dialogue and interaction around potentielly interesting collaborative projects.

* JSC Members: Astrid Kiermaier (Roche), Pavel Pisa (Roche), Rune Toftgård (KI), Klas Wiman (KI), Chair: Gabriele Beer (Roche). Alliance Directors: Björn Arvidsson (Roche) and Sandra Falck (KI).

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