Cancer Research KI National Collaboration

Cancer Research KI strives to collaborate with national organisations in the area of cancer and strategic organisational planning.

Swedish Strategic Research Areas (SFO) Cancer: BioCARE & U-CAN

There are three Government funded Strategic Research Areas in Cancer in Sweden (SFO Cancer): U-CAN active in Uppsala/Umeå, BioCARE active in Lund/Göteborg and StratCan active at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. All three programmes work together for national efforts in cancer research and meet regularly for a joint conference, The Swedish Cancer Research Meeting

NatiOn research school

Cancer Research KI supports the National Research School in Clinical Cancer with means to cover the costs of research time for 10 clinicians pursuing their PhD. This effort is in continuation of a previous announcement of two four-year grants for postgraduate education in cancer research for MDs or medical students. The ambition is to encourage participation and allow more clinicians time to engage in research to meet the future need for competitive clinical cancer researchers.

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