University Management

The operational leadership of Karolinska Institutet consists of the President, the Vice President, and the University Director.


Ole Petter Ottersen


Ole Petter Ottersen is the President of Karolinska Institutet since 1 August 2017.

Karin Ekström

Secretary to the President

Peter Andréasson

Chief Press Officer

Vice President

Anders Gustafsson

Vice President

Anders Gustafsson is the Vice President of Karolinska Institutet.

Anders Gustafsson is a Professor of Periodontology.

Bettina Wemanis

Secretary to the Vice President

University Director

Katarina Bjelke

University Director

Katarina Bjelke is the University director of Karolinska Institutet.

The university director has overall responsibility after the President for the Institute's activities in administrative, legal and economic respects. The university director is appointed by the President and rapporteur of the board.

Catrin Främberg

Secretary to the University Director