KI Housing’s policy for data protection

KI Housing is responsible for the handling of personal data and that it is made in a correct and legal way. KI Housing handles personal data for specific purposes e.g. to process applications for accommodation in accordance with the guidelines given by Karolinska Institutet and to be able to fulfill our goal to provide a good accommodation service to international guest researchers and students at KI.

KI Housing handles the personal data given by the applicant when applying for accommodation in our customer portal. Personal data is also collected  when you contact us via email, submit a maintenance report in the customer portal or submit the deposit reclaim form on our website.

By creating a user account and applying for accommodation from KI Housing, the applicant confirms the approval of handling of his/her personal data given in the application.

The personal data is collected and handled for the processing of applications, communication with applicants and tenants, the administration of rental contracts, handling of maintenance requests, refunding of deposit, sending newsletters, and for relevant statistics reports.

Personal data is kept only for as long as it is needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. When a contract has expired, personal data is cleared out on a regular basis. Some of the data must be kept for a longer period for accounting purposes, in accordance with Swedish Accounting and Agreement laws.

The personal data is registered in a system that is protected from infringement. Only KI Housing staff, our landlords and service providers regarding IT, system development and maintenance have access to the personal data.

You have the right to ask for a transcript of the data that KI Housing has registered about you, once per year, for no charge. To ask for a transcript, send a request signed in handwriting, by regular mail to KI Housing. Our postal address is as follows: Nanna Svartz väg 6A, 171 65 Stockholm.

You also have the right to demand that KI Housing deletes all personal details about you, unless something prevents this, such as you having entered into a leasing agreement with KI Housing. You have the right to demand that KI Housing corrects any faulty personal details.

A new data protection regulation, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for the processing of personal data has been applied on May 25, 2018, in Sweden.

At this link, you can find information on this data protection regulation as well as information about the implementation of the regulation at KI.

Content reviewer:
Malin Norman