Jonas Falck - among gravel and horizons - Exhibition at the Hagströmer Library

Time and again we venture into patches of darkness, accompanied by curiosity and openness. Sometimes something completely unexpected is found and a new world opens up. For the artist Ida Rödén, the find was a strange stone by Lake Kultsjön. The stone further led to the discovery of the hitherto unknown Jonas Falck, a self-taught scientist from Västernorrland, who traveled in the same regions at the end of the 18th century.

Keramikinstallation stående02, Ida Rödén Foto: Ida Rödén

The exhibition collects some of the observations noticed by Jonas Falck and recreated by Ida Rödén nearly 250 years later. With the help of Hagströmer Library's books and scientific material, a picture of Jonas Falck and his contemporaries is formed.

Ida Rödén, b.1981. MFA at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2011. BFA at Umeå Academy of Art, 2009. Has exhibited nationally and internationally at, among others, Björkholmen Gallery, OpenART Örebro, Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sundsvalls museum, Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, FILE Festival in Sao Paolo, CoCA in Seattle, Wattis Institute and Southern Exposure in San Francisco.

It is possible that Jonas Falck did not exist, but the exhibition also shows a rich selection of the library's collection of books written by Linné disciples such as Pehr Kalm, Pehr Löfling, Peter Forsskål, Carl Peter Thunberg, Anders Sparrman, Pehr Osbeck and Johan Peter Falck, which depict their often exciting and strenuous scientific expeditions in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.


Jonas Falck - among boulders and horizons - Exhibition by Ida Rödén at the Hagströmer Library
Jonas Falck - bland svallgrus och horizonter - Utställning av Ida Rödén på Hagströmerbiblioteket Foto: Anna Lantz

Hagströmerbiblioteket, Haga Tingshus
Bus 515 (Odenplan) stop Haga Södra

The exhibition is presented by artist Ida Rödén together with curator Anna Lantz.

Jonas Falck – bland svallgrus och horisonter
Hagströmer Library 10 oktober – 18 november 2022

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