Lecture series - SDG 2030, autumn 2022

Speakers for the Agenda 2030 lecture serie focused on Goal 10 - Reducing inequalities.

5th of October at 2-3 pm. Dr Lorena Fernandez De La Cruz*, Department of Clinical neuroscience, KI. Topic of the talk: Equality issues at KI and in academia in general. 

Hybrid: Large conference room/zoom

2nd of November at 2-3 pm. Dr Kate Pickett**, University of York, Department of Health sciences. Topic of the talk: Health inequalities. 


7th of December at 2-3 pm. Dr Janne Agerholm, Department of Global public health, KI. Topic of talk: Equity in health and health care 


*Equal Treatment Representative CNS 

**Kate Pickett is a professor of epidemiology who studies the social determinants of health and health inequalities, co-founder of The equality trust, co-author of world wide best selling books The Spirit Level (2009) and The Inner Level (2018).