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Olof Jonmarker

PSMA-PET imaging of patients with prostate cancer

Ehab Al-Sodany

Renal and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with advanced stage CKD

Felicia Rydeberg Kjaernet

ABO-incompatible transplantations with organs from decreased and living donors

Faisal Alagrafi

The role of  T cells in malignancies

Pawel Rasinski

PET imaging of desmoplastic tumors using a novel tracer, 68Ga-FAPI-46 = Fibroblast Activation Protein Inhibitor

Henric Lindkvist

The importance of myeloid cells in hematopoietic cell transplantation

Beate Gündel

Investigation of pancreatic cancer aided by 3D-culture models

Anna Martina Gustafsson

Development and evaluation of new techniques for immunological follow-up after solid organ transplantation

Tian Cheng

Delineating the genetics in severe scoliosis

Johan Helleberg

PreMOF; predicting the development of organ failure in acute severe illness using metabolomics

Dirk Wackernagel

Evaluation of methods nd strategies for optimizing outcome in preterm infants

Wiktor Rutkowski

Tumor-related fecal dysbiosis in pancreatic cancer patients

Anders Holmén

Nutrition and health-related quality of life after multimodality treatment of gastroesophageal cancer

Daniel Selin

Aspects of acute pancreatitis – studies on etiology and outcome

Fatima Moumèn Denanto

Bilateral Bone Anchored Hearing Devices

Carl Skröder

Allergisk rinit och effekten av systemisk kortisonterapi och intralymfatisk allergivaccination i kombination med en hälsoekonomisk analys av sublingualimmunoterapi

Aeneas Kolev

Immunologiskt svar I cervikala lymfkörtlar hos patienter med huvud- och halscancer