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Main focus of my research are chemicals (pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins) which accumulate in organisms. During 13 years of my career in the research of pharmaceutical industry large part of my research was dealing with highly accumulating pharmaceuticals, especially of macrolide class.


By being present in high concentrations, accumulating chemicals may pose a chronic threat for an organism. As our knowledge about biological systems expands it is necessary to constantly revalidate our conclusions about the safety of such chemicals because of their prolonged presence.


Predicting the effects of highly accumulating compounds

In my research I am using in vitro techniques to analyze the consequences of compound’s accumulation in cells and their binding to biological membranes. I am looking at how these compounds affect various processes in cells, physiological functions of membranes and extracellular membrane vesicles. In collaboration we use structure-property relationship studies to improve detection and prediction of accumulating chemicals.


Developing cell based methods

Additionally, I am developing cell based methods for various types of screenings of environmental toxicants and pharmaceuticals. I mostly use cell function assays, high content quantitative imaging techniques and gene expression analyses on human and murine primary cells and cell lines. 


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