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På Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at KI (KIND) jobbar Steve Berggren som biträdande föreståndare och enhetschef för KINDs kliniska enhet BUP KIND som är en del av barn och ungdomspsykiatriskt forskningcenter och organisatoriskt ligger under BUPs specialenheter.


Steve Berggren är legitimerad psykolog och specialist i neruropsykologi. Doktorerade 2017, med avhandlingen " Emotion recognition and expression in Autism Spectrum Disorder significance, complexity and training" .


Emotion recognition training in autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review of challenges related to generalizability
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Developmental neurorehabilitation 2018;21(3):141-154

'Emotiplay': a serious game for learning about emotions in children with autism: results of a cross-cultural evaluation
Fridenson-hayo S, Berggren S, Lassalle A, Tal S, Pigat D, Meir-goren N, et al
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Basic and complex emotion recognition in children with autism: cross-cultural findings
Fridenson-hayo S, Berggren S, Lassalle A, Tal S, Pigat D, Bolte S, et al

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How can clinicians detect and treat autism early? Methodological trends of technology use in research
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O'reilly H, Pigat D, Fridenson S, Berggren S, Tal S, Golan O, et al
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On the role of non-shared environment for executive functioning in ADHD: a twin-differences design study
Willfors C, Poltrago L, Berggren S, Coco C, Anckarsater H, Lichtenstein P, et al

The Roots of Autism and ADHD Twin Study in Sweden (RATSS)
Bölte S, Willfors C, Berggren S, Norberg J, Poltrago L, Mevel K, et al
Twin research and human genetics : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies 2014;17(3):164-76

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