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Jacob Grünler is responsible for studies on inflammatory processes in development of atherosclerosis in diabetics especially the effect of antioxidants, like coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. 

These involves studies of cytokine production, studied in human blood monocytes, lymfocytes and urine samples, animal models and HPLC-methodology, flow-cytometry, cell culture studies. 

He is also responsible for the laboratory environmental issues, animal housing and ethic applications.

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Selected publications

Stabilization of HIF-1alpha is critical to improve wound healing in diabetic mice.
Botusan I, Sunkari V, Savu O, Catrina A, Grünler J, Lindberg S, et al
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2008 Dec;105(49):19426-31

Isolation and functional expression of human COQ2, a gene encoding a polyprenyl transferase involved in the synthesis of CoQ.
Forsgren M, Attersand A, Lake S, Grünler J, Swiezewska E, Dallner G, et al
Biochem. J. 2004 Sep;382(Pt 2):519-26

Investigation of regulatory mechanisms in coenzyme Q metabolism.
Grünler J, Dallner G
Meth. Enzymol. 2004 ;378():3-17

Gender-specific pattern of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 protease activity in mouse thyroid.
Wang J, Grünler J, Lewitt M
Endocrinology 2004 Mar;145(3):1137-43

Subcellular distribution of farnesyl protein transferase in rat liver.
Grünler J, Parmryd I
FEBS Lett. 1999 Jul;455(3):233-7

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