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About me

I am Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the subject area of Carin Sciences, esp. Nursing Science (2003), an Associate Professor in Perioperative Nursing (2009)and a Professor in Nursing 2012-2018 at Örebro univerity and 2018- to present at Karolinska Insitute. 


Registered nurse, 1980

Graduate diploma in specialist nursing anaesthesia care, RNA, 1985

PhD in Nursing, 2003

Research description

My research area is perioperative nursing / care with focus especially on postoperative recovery:

RAPP 1.0 - Recovery Assessment by Phone Points. RAPP is digital monitoring system including web administrator interface and a smartphone application (app) where the patient’s own mobile phone is used. The app includes Swedish web-version of Quality of Recovery (SwQoR) questionnaire that enables patients to report postoperative symptoms and at home as well as a and a function that allows the patient to get in contact with the healthcare. NCT02492191

RAPP 2.0 - a digital solutions for equal access and quality of postoperative care  Further development of RAPP 1.0 with the aim to study postoperative recovery and unplanned care contacts between non-Swedish speaking Arabian and Somali patients compared to Swedish-speaking patients in the use of RAPP, and to study if there is a connection between e-health and postoperative recovery and and possible between-group differences

SEHLO - Self-efficacy and health literacy impact on outcome after bariatric surgery.  The project aims to study health literacy, self-efficacy and registry data from the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry (SOReg) in a group of people who have undergone bariatric surgery

CoMIT - Cognitive Measurement by IT  This project aims to develop and evaluate patient-operated and user friendly cognitive test tool to be implemented in routine practice and to explore the association between postoperative cognitive function, postoperative recovery and eHealth literacy

StEP - Standardizing Endpoints in Perioperative Trials. An international research collaboration aimed at developing standard endpoints after anesthesia.

Teaching portfolio

I have more than 10 years of experience of being examiner for all Clinical and theoretical Courses in Nursing Science, Anaesthetic Nursing in Specialist Nursing Programme - Anaesthesia Care. Five years of experience of being examiner for Nursing Science, Degree Project (Examensarbete – Magister), advanced level. As well as experience of being examiner for other Nursing courser on advanced level such as courses in hygiene. .

I have been the Director of the, Doctoral Programme in Healthcare Sciences School of Medical Sciences, Örebro university for three years.

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