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About me

I am Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the subject area of Carin Sciences, esp. Nursing Science (2003), an Associate Professor in Perioperative Nursing (2009)and a Professor in Nursing 2012-2018 at Örebro univerity and 2018- to present at Karolinska Insitute. 


Registered nurse, 1980

Graduate diploma in specialist nursing anaesthesia care, RNA, 1985

PhD in Nursing, 2003

Research description

The clinical research perspectives are mainly intervention studies and methodological studies. Methodologically I am thoroughly conversant with both quantitative, qualitative and psychometric analyses. My research interests are related to the perioperative context including anaesthetic nursing, pre-, intra- and postoperative care as well as postoperative recovery. My research focus on various interventions to improve the perioperative  care of the surgical patient of all ages and thereby decrease postoperative symphtoms and discomfort and thereby increase patients’ safety and wellbeing. My research also includes to test different patient-reported-outcomes-measures (PROM) and to describe patients’ experiences of the pre-intra and postoperative care and recovery. I also develop and evaluate e-Health solutions to provide an ability for patients to get feedback about their health, symptom assessment, medication, recovery process, etc., in order to increase patient participation and safety. 

Teaching portfolio

I have more than 10 years of experience of being examiner for all Clinical and theoretical Courses in Nursing Science, Anaesthetic Nursing in Specialist Nursing Programme - Anaesthesia Care. Five years of experience of being examiner for Nursing Science, Degree Project (Examensarbete – Magister), advanced level. As well as experience of being examiner for other Nursing courser on advanced level such as courses in hygiene. .

I have been the Director of the, Doctoral Programme in Healthcare Sciences School of Medical Sciences, Örebro university for three years.

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