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About me

I´m affiliated with ARC (Aging Research Center) at Karolinska Institutet, were I started as a research assistant in 2009. Currently I´m a Doctoral student at Stockholm University, at the department of Sociology, although still working within, and financed by, the social gerontology group at ARC.  I have my background in Sociology and Statistics. 


• BSc, Sociology, Stockholm University.
• MSc, Sociology, Stockholm University.


Research description

I have a particular interest in methodological issues, especially the challenges posed when designing and conducting surveys of the elderly population.  The primary aim of my current work is to investigate the impact of study design and response rate in quantitative surveys among the oldest old.

Another research area is alcohol consumption among old people, an area that has gained increased attention during recent years. My work concern both trends in consumption patterns as well as methodological issues involved in surveys about alcohol consumption among old people.


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