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About me

I have a background in medical informatics and computer science with interdisciplinary experience in operational management, programming and mobile/web applications' architecture.

I am interested in technology driven research approaches and its applications to e-health, medicine and clinical research. (advanced communication systems, healthcare information management, mHealth)

Granted projects:


  • CUREX EU H2020  (seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchangE)​ Blockchain

CUREX is an international research project  funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission addresses comprehensively the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of health data by producing a novel, flexible and scalable situational awareness-oriented platform. It allows a healthcare provider to assess the realistic cybersecurity and privacy risks they are exposed to and suggest mathematically optimal strategies for addressing these risks with safeguards tailored specifically for each business case and application. CUREX is fully GDPR compliant by design.​ 

  • ACoRD EU H2020

Pending information​...


  • CrowdHEALTH EU H2020

CrowdHEALTH is an international research project partially funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission that intends to integrate high volumes health-related heterogeneous data from multiple sources with the aim of supporting policy making decisions.

Other Projects 


  • KI e-Health Core Facilities

​The KI e-Health Core Facility provides support and methods to conceptualize, develop, test and implement a wide range of eHealth tools and interventions.


  • KI Mobile App

Leading developer of KI Campus moblie infrastructure. Mobile Campus is a university-wide mobile initiative to aggregate and deliver useful, usable, mobile-appropriate content to the Karolinska Institutet community, locally and worldwide.The KI Campus App is the result of a collaboration between: Student Unions (MF-OF)IT department (ITA)Learning Informatics Management and Ethics (LIME) and staff at KI.

Some other stuff i do

I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and MacArthour Foundation

Research description

List of publication by topic

Communication Systems (Mobile and Immersive Technologies)

Mobile Digital Education for Health Professions: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by the Digital Health Education Collaboration. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2019

Videos as learning objects in MOOCs: A study of specialist and non‐specialist participants' video activity in MOOCs. British Journal of Educational Technology.Apr 2018

AUVA-Augmented Reality Empowers Visual Analytics to explore Medical Curriculum Data.

Combining physical and virtual contexts through augmented reality: design and evaluation of a prototype using a drug box as a marker for antibiotic training.

Other topics

CrowdHEALTH: Holistic Health Records and Big Data Analytics for Health Policy Making and Personalized Health. Conference Paper. Jul 2017


Teaching portfolio

Autumn 2018

HT18 5HI021 Current Research and Trends in Health Informatics: Visualization techniques theme/Topic: Virtual Reality in Health Informatics. 

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