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About me

Sokratis has a background as a mobile and interaction technology creative researcher and professional with interdisciplinary experience in programming, mobile and web application architecture and development. He has a strong track record in consultation, system development, management, and delivery.

His particular areas of expertise are in the architecture and software engineering in concept and design for mobile web, iOS, and Android applications.

He has participated in several projects as software engineer and activities manager. His emphasis in all of his research work is on the structure, analysis and design of systems and applications mainly focusing on healthcare, education and wellbeing. 

Sokratis is the designer and system engineer of Karolinska's Institutet mobile infrastructure enriching the mobile experiences for students, staff and visitors in our University.

Moreover, he is participating in several European projects from H2020 and Vinnova mainly focusing on the architecture of secure communcation services and data manipulation of sensitive healthcare information from mobile, wearable and computer devices.

Together with Marie Dahlberg , Sokratis has the role of the equal rights officer for all the employees and PHD students in LIME

Finally, Sokratis represented Karolinska Institutet as a game developer of an augmented reality medical test game at forskarfredag, an annual event for inspiring young Swedish students. 

Granted projects:

  • CrowdHEALTH EU H2020

 CrowdHEALTH is an international research project partially funded by the Horizon 2020 Programmeof the European Commission that intends to integrate high volumes health-related heterogeneous data from multiple sources with the aim of supporting policy making decisions.


Msc Medical Informatics

Bsc Computer Science (Networking and Telecommunications)

Bsc Social Sciences


Research description

CrowdHEALTH: Holistic Health Records and Big Data Analytics for Health Policy Making and Personalized Health.

AUVA-Augmented Reality Empowers Visual Analytics to explore Medical Curriculum Data

Combining physical and virtual contexts through augmented reality: design and evaluation of a prototype using a drug box as a marker for antibiotic training.

Virtual patients in a real clinical context using augmented reality: impact on antibiotics prescription behaviors.
Nifakos S, Zary N
Stud Health Technol Inform 2014 ;205():707-11

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